Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Favoirte Things

Ok so I haven’t blogged in forever primarily because my life has been insane since March and because when I get out of the habit of doing something I get lazy. So here I am back on the wagon. There is so much that has happened that I want to document but I am just not ready yet so I am going to just give a few of my favorite Jack things.

“Here’s a flower Mommy” Whenever Jack passes flowers whether I am with him or not he always gets me flowers.

He is passionate about opening doors so I have taught him to hold it open for me.

Even when he is strongly disagrees with me he usually says “no thank you” now it is not always with a sweet tone and it rarely makes me change my mind but its pretty sweet.

Five is Jacks favorite number. I know this because everything is “like five” for example how many of your friend do you think will be at the park “like five”; “play with me like five minutes”; lay down with me like five minutes; how much do I love you “like five” (he also answers that question so much).

Super Why
If you ask Jack he will inform you that he IS Super Why he will then go on to assign everyone around a part. I am always Wonder Red. Being Super Why is a big job this requires that he where’s his cape, jump off the coffee table, spin in circles (which he will proudly show you) and insist that I am in the room so when they get to the part in the show where you are suppose to put your “arms in” I am there to put my “arm in” with him. He loves Super Why so much that he had a Super Why Birthday Party (I will write more about this in another post).


Jack has entered the “why” phase he is always asking why. This can be a bit trying because I don’t always know “why” so Jay suggested that I answer “You know why” Well the other day I asked Jack why and his reply (with a ornery grin)…”You know why”

Kind Heart

Jack has developed the sweetest little heart (now mind you he can turn on a dime and throw hug fits just ask Jay about the 2 a.m. “I WANT MY MOMMY” debacle) but he is so sweet I frequently get un-requested hugs and I love you’s and he is just enamored with all the little babies in our world but the following was a face book status a month ago and it is one of my favorite examples:

“It always makes me smile when kids can so easily get things that grown ups make so complicated: Jack while I am praying "why do you say sorry"; Me "because I need to ask for forgiveness" Jack "why" Me because the bible says so; Jack "why"; Me "because I believe in God and the bible Jack "God forgive me and help me Amen" such a simple prayer that says just what it needs too”

This is Jay’s
Jack “Daddy I’m sorry”
Jay “Why”
Jack “because I’m not sharing”

A List of Favorite Things and Sayings

Request to hold your hand
Tip toe running
Tag (former “get me”)
“When I get bigger….”
“Oh I like that”
“All the friends”
“Can we watch two Curious George’s” “no it’s night night” Can we watch one Curious George?”
”I do it myself!”

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I needed to make cookies to take to some friends so I decided to let Jack help me. When we do things like this I am quickly reminded how big he is getting and what a great helper he is. We started by getting all of the ingredients out, he carefully would climb up and down from his stool and put them on the counter. I would scoop and he would pour and count. After we got all of the ingredients measured he put everything back in the cabinet for me and then I let him turn the blender on and off as we mixed the ingredients. While the cookies were baking I unloaded the dishwasher and he put a way the spoons and the Tupperware. Finally, as I was getting ready to put him down for his nap I stopped by the coffee table to put away some of the laundry that went in his room and noticed that he had already come and put away all of it except for one small pile. When I got to his rooms I checked the drawers and it was all in the right place, not perfectly folded, but what can I expect from a 2 ½ year old.

Wow, daily I am reminded how fast he is growing up and how I need to cherish each moment as they swiftly go by.

Friday, February 13, 2009

There's a Giraffe in the Shower!

Most mornings in the Kreusch household start the same way my sleepy little Jackman wonders into my room, he throws Louie on the bed, and then he crawls into bed. Depending what time this is we lay there and snuggle for a while, then we might sing songs, say bible verses, or go exploring (I keep a little flashlight next to the bed and Jack likes to take it and crawl under all of the covers and see what is in the deep recess of mommy’s bed.) This is might be my favorite time of the day. We get to spend such quality time together without worrying about chores, discipline, or the fact that we need to be somewhere and are once again are running late. I could stay in bed all day with the fun we have. Well today was no exception, Jack came in around 8:15 I was awake (but not out of bed) and talking to Jay on the phone. When I saw Jack come in I was sad for a second because I thought surely he is going to want me to quickly get up and get him breakfast and we are going to miss our playtime. Not only was I wrong but it was our best playtime ever. Jack talked to Jay on the phone a little bit and then we laid down and talked about what we were going to do today. Jack starts throwing Louie out of the bed and saying “poor Louie” and then promptly rescuing him. Well after one of Louie's rescues Jack crawls back into bed and says “mommy see the snake on the ground!” I thought that was odd and figured there must be a string or something so I looked over the side of the bed and Jack says “mommy look at the snake sssssssssssssssss.” I thought this is fun so we laid there and hissed at the snake together for a while. Jack proceeded to tell me all the places in the room the snake was going and then he said “mommy do you see the giraffe?” I was so excited we were absolutely playing make believe. I helped out by saying how tall the giraffe was and asked if Jack thought he might eat our curtains. Then Jack said “he’s eating the curtains, o no he’s eating the clock and the house” (we have large bird house in our bedroom).” After talking about all the things the giraffe was going to eat I asked Jack “where is the giraffe now?” His reply “he’s in the shower…silly giraffe”. We played like this for almost a whole hour. It was so much fun. What an amazing little boy I have who has the imagination to see a giraffe in the shower.